Mayweather vs Paul – Who will win?

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are set to face off for an exhibition match on June 6, 2021, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Fans are waiting for the mega-fight and many of us are itching to place on Bet. Before you go here is everything you need to know, fight preview, who will win, and a prediction guide.

Can Paul Defeat Mayweather?

Logan Paul cannot defeat Mayweather. While Logan Paul could pull off an upset, his chances of doing so is like a person hitting the lottery for 100 million dollars. So, why is Logan Paul going through with this match? He more than likely is doing it for the money, to garner more viewers, and to elevate his brand. Remember, Paul is a household name, and this fight will skyrocket his brand. Mayweather is taking the fight to win new fans and to make more money. He can use Paul’s connection with the younger generation to gather more supporters and followers from the younger generations.

Why it will be the biggest upset if Paul knocked Mayweather out?

If Logan Paul pulled off an upset against Mayweather, he will accomplish something that most serious professional fighters could not do. Again, the chances of him doing that are very slim. Also, Mayweather will not allow an unranked YouTube star to take down his legacy. This fight is just for show and nothing else. But then again, Logan Paul could do something that would shock the world and defeat Mayweather. Still, that probably won’t happen.

Who Will Win Mayweather or Paul?

There are different betting odds and predictions concerning this fight. However, one Las Vegas betting organization had the odds at Mayweather -3500 and Logan Paul +1200. What these numbers simply mean is that Mayweather has a 97% chance of winning the fight and Logan Paul only has around a 7% chance of victory. That sums it up nicely. Logan Paul is the underdog for a very good reason. He is not a professional fighter and is not expected to win this fight against a boxing legend.

Floyd Mayweather -3500

Logan Paul +1200

Mayweather opened as a favorite against Logan Paul, which means if you bet $3500 you will win $100 and if you bet $with Paul, you could win $1200. Updated information collected from

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