Mayweather vs Paul on Fanmio so you need to know, what is Fanmio?

Mayweather vs Paul on Fanmio so you need to know, what is Fanmio?

Mayweather vs Paul on Fanmio so you need to know, what is Fanmio? Would you be interested in seeing the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul? Seeing Mayweather vs Paul would be pretty interesting, right? You may be wondering how this is all possible. A website called Fanmio makes it possible for fans like you to get one on ones with heroes and celebrities like Mayweather. This site also brings special events and shows to fans.

Fanmio is a fun platform that allows fans to experience meeting people they’ve always wanted to meet. The website offers several different packages that include merchandise and one on one virtual meetings with famous people. Fanmio wanted to create an experience that did not require costly trips to meet your heroes. Therefore, they have done all the work by connecting heroes with fans all on their platform.

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If you are interested in seeing Mayweather vs Paul on Fanmio, then these are the steps you need to take. Head on over to Once you get to the website, you will see the information about the Mayweather vs Paul boxing match. Click where it says get pay-per-view. This special exhibition begins in only sixty-six days. So, make sure you place your order in plenty of time.

While on the Fanmio website, look around at the other things you can order. You can meet a host of other celebrities on Fanmio. Ordering is very simple. Select the event that you want. These events include meet and greets stage events and virtual videos. Next, prepare for your event. You may need to write down a few questions to ask your hero. You may need to grab a few snacks to prepare for watching for your event. Lastly, after you have done all of this, it will be time to enjoy yourself and have fun with this incredible experience.

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