Mayweather vs Logan Paul again back on June 6 at Hard Rock in Miami

Welcome to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream fight night coverage guide from here. In this pay-per-view super exhibition fight, the biggest issue is the network split with Mayweather promotion, Showtime Boxing, and Fanmio broadcasters but finally, it is set on June 6, broadcasting rights go to the Fanmio and Showtime Boxing streaming services.

The fight is going to be a great appeal because of the boxer against the YouTuber aspect. Mayweather is an unbeaten extraordinary boxer and a defensive wizard who have exceptional mobility of fighting skills, while Paul has not enough superior speed or not a manipulate puncher but Paul’s reach and size advantage against Money will help him to become one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world.

Millions of people were concern that question everywhere when will this fight happen. Now the concern is over, it’s time to make the fight happen. The schedule is June 6, Sunday, 2021, and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami is ready to invite the showdown near you.

Floyd Mayweather (50-0 loses) vs Paul (0-1 loses) fight is going to one of the most epic fights in boxing history fixed on Sunday 6th June 2021 in the United States.

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If you miss Mayweather vs Paul live bout it will be a historical mess. So don’t miss that fight.

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