Mayweather vs Paul 2021 TV Schedule Viewing Guide

Floyd Mayweather has been boxing all his life and is considered one of the best fighters in the history of the sport. Logan Paul is a famous YouTube personality who is known for his funny and controversial videos. Paul fought twice exhibition match against a fellow YouTuber KSI first one was a draw and the rematch lost from a split decision. These two men are going to put on an exhibition match to see who will walk away from the victor. However, we all know that a serious fighter like Floyd Mayweather is not going to allow an unprofessional fighter to mess up his legacy.

When will Mayweather vs Paul fight take place?

Floyd and Logan Paul will fight on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami. Both fighters are agreed to fight in this place. Mayweather vs Paul fight will air on Fanmio and Showtime Boxing.

What TV channel does it on?

Unfortunately, Mayweather vs Paul won’t be broadcast live on any US, UK, Canada TV channel, but it will be streamed live on Showtime Boxing and Fanmio which is a new platform to us. You can watch the fight stream by downloading the Fanmio app on your phone, games console, Smart TV, and more.

How can the fight be viewed?

Boxing fans, Logan Paul fans, and YouTube viewers can watch the match on Fanmio. This is a Pay Per View (PPV) service. Fanmio is selling the fight in different tiers. People who purchase the fight on Fanmio before December 29th will pay $24.99. Once 1 million people purchase the fight, the price will rise to $39.99. Viewers will have to pay $59.99 after the December 29th date. This pricing tier will then last until February 11th where the cost will increase to $69.99. This tiered approach to the fight will help the fighters and promoters to earn more money for the bought.

Are people really interested in Mayweather vs Paul fight?

Yes, there are enough fans out there who would watch this fight. Remember that Logan Paul is known for his video hijinks and unique videos. As a certified YouTube star, he has risen to a level of prominence for millions of young millennials, and kids. Logan Paul might not be a certified celebrity like traditional entertainers, but he is a household name. Millions of YouTubers will want to watch this fight. Logan Paul’s fanbase will also tune in. Mayweather fans will watch this fight because of its novelty. The same is also true for boxing fans. Real boxing fans know this fight will be for fun and a good time.

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