How can I meet the greatest boxer of all time Floyd Mayweather?

Have you always wanted to meet a celebrity like Floyd Mayweather? Fanmio has made this possible. You can meet one of the most well known no best boxer of all time. Fanmio has made it for them where regular people can’t meet well-known celebrities. Fanmio has some packages, but did you know the Silver Plus package for $999.99 have already sold out, YES, it is true!

Meeting one of the greatest boxers of all time is available to customers when they order a package. There are multiple packages. These packages all offer something different. These packages are of different prices. Below we go into more detail about the packages available.

Bronze Package

The bronze package is $64.99. You also have the option of paying sixteen dollars per month. This package includes a premium t-shirt. This exclusive package includes a premium Floyd Mayweather t-shirt that is made of ultra-fine material. The t-shirt also comes with a real gold print. After the event, expect your package to arrive in three to four weeks.

Bronze Plus

The bronze plus package is limited. Only fifty people will receive this package. It is selling for $599.99. It’s a collectible. The lithograph set is hand-signed by Floyd Mayweather himself. In addition to the lithograph set, you will receive the premium exclusive t-shirt.

Silver and Silver Plus Packeges

The silver package allows you to meet Floyd Mayweather through an online video. A branded HD video is included in this package. This package is currently sold out. It normally sells for $499.99. The silver plus package is also currently sold out which was for $999.99. This package includes the premium exclusive t-shirt,  the HD video, and a one on one meet and greets virtual video with Floyd Mayweather.

Ultimate Package

Lastly, the ultimate package is $1,499.99. The personal one on one video with Floyd Mayweather is included in this package. The HD video recording is included. The collectible lithograph and premium exclusive t-shirt are included. These items ship within three to four weeks. This package is currently sold out as well.

You may not have the connections, time, or ability to travel to meet your hero. But these packages bring a rare experience that connects fans and celebrities thanks to the platform Fanmio has created. Pick the package that best suits you so you can experience the unbelievable experience of meeting your hero virtually.

Fanmio is on a mission to create very engaging and live experiences for customers who want to meet celebrities. The experience Fanmio offers is fun, engaging, and very unique. Fanmio is bringing accessibility to many people on a large scale. The company truly wants to make meeting celebrities assessable to all people. Builders of the company are fans too. They know exactly what customers are looking for when they want to connect with big celebrities they are fans of.

Meeting your favorite celebrities is a dream come true. Fanmio can link you to some of the biggest celebrities. If you are interested in Floyd Mayweather, then place your order today for your package. Linking up with your favorite celebrity is not as hard as you think. Order today to make your dream come true of meeting Floyd Mayweather.